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TIO MEDIKAL TIBBI URUNLER LTD.STI was established in 2011 for competitive and high quality production in the field of disposable covers and aprons.

It has adopted the principle of customer-oriented production in our facilities where modern production techniques are used and cleanliness and hygiene are prioritized.

TIO MEDİKAL has 6000 m² production area, more than 100 employees and production facilities equipped with high technology EN 13795 , ISO 13485 and CE certificates. We sterilize Surgical sets and other medical products thanks to the Approved Clean Room (Class 10,000), Class 1, Class 2A, ETO Sterilization Room.

In addition to flexible production, our product groups that will respond to standard type researcher and customer requests constantly meet the needs.

TIO MEDICAL LTD.STI. continues its high quality productions under the TIOSET brand, in the disposable cover and apron group, with the TIOPLAST brand, and the production of disposable plastic product groups. 

We continue our production by increasing the product variety with our product  yelpaze, which is developing every year.

We set out to increase the quality of disposable cover and apron groups, which are still very new in Turkey, to add dynamism to the sector and to be innovative.

We have our own sterilization unit in our facilities.

 Beginnings are always difficult, always tiring. We have come a long way in a short time: By working at every stage of production; we decided to do our best in the best way. We have made every sacrifice to create quality production  We have created a facility that complies with High technology and Standards.

 We wanted to create a result-oriented company that can make innovative decisions quickly.

We continue on our way with the idea of “Together We are Stronger”.

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